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Make the Winter Sun work for you

Lisa Foran | September 26 | News

How will your Solar panels work for you during the winter months?

Solar panels are designed to work in all weather conditions. They will produce less energy during the winter months due to the decrease in hours of sunlight; however, the drop in temperature will not have a negative effect on your panel’s performance, meaning they will still generate efficiently.

What if it snows?

Your typical UK snowfall isn’t that big of an issue when it comes to the performance of your Solar
panels. The residual heat generated by the panel will melt the snow, causing it to slide off the solar
panel. Excessively heavy snow fall will, however, need to be cleared off the panel manually.

Maximise your Solar panels in the Winter with Battery Storage

Adding Battery Storage to your new or existing system is the most effective way to ensure you get
the most of your panels during the Winter months. Solar technology is incredibly versatile so can and
will perform in all weather. Adding battery storage is the most effective way to ensure your system
continues to save you money when the dark nights draw in as it will store energy generated during
daylight hours for later use.

How will your Solar panels work for you during the Winter Months