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Pigeons nesting under solar panels can cause a significant problem as the necessary gap between the panels and the roof creates a perfect nesting site for birds. 

Over time, the mess and activity of the nesting birds can affect the performance of your panels, resulting in further costs in the future.

Installing steel mesh at the edges of your solar panels is an effective way to prevent pigeons nesting.

The mesh can run around the entire perimeter of your panels and won’t interfere with the functioning of your panels or cause any damage to your roof.

Can I add pigeon proofing at a later date?

Yes, you can add bird protection at any time, however, this may incur extra costs as scaffold may need to be re-erected to facilitate the installation.

We always recommend installing bird protection during the installation of your solar panels, as this is the most cost effective way to ensure your panels are protected from Day One.

How much does bird proofing cost?

A typical installation of bird protection by ESOLAR will cost £395.

For more information on our bird proofing, please view or download our data sheet: