Solar Panel Bird Proofing: What Is It?

Lisa Foran | June 3 | News

When you’ve paid for solar panels, the last thing you want is birds perching or nesting on the roof of your home and affecting the efficiency of your solar panels.

The good news is that there is a simple solution – solar panel bird proofing. But what exactly is solar panel bird proofing? And why is it so important?

That’s what we’ll be exploring today. Read on for some of the best ways you can bird-proof your home and the great benefits that these measures can provide you with – as well as some of the considerations that you need to make.


What Problems Can Birds Cause?

In Britain, there are many different types of birds that will often make themselves at home on your roof which, for most people, is fine! They are never in the way and they cause no inconvenience, so many of us leave them there without even knowing we are doing so.

When you install something new to your roof, however, this can change. They may be getting in the way of your new, proposed solar panel arrangement. Even if there are no birds already there, if they begin to nest on your solar panels, this could damage your solar panel system and reduce efficiency.


What Is Solar Panel Bird Proofing?

Solar panel bird proofing is simply how you prevent birds from nesting under or around solar panels. Birds, particularly pigeons, often seek shelter and nesting spots under solar panels due to the warmth and protection these panels provide.

While birds aren’t necessarily bad, having them around can cause some problems for solar panels. It’s important to bird proof the area to make sure your solar energy system works at its best.


Methods For Solar Panel Bird Proofing

There are many methods of solar panel protection from birds in 2024. These methods can be split into two main sections: Physical barriers and deterrents.

Physical barriers focus much more on not allowing birds to get onto your roof/solar panels at all whereas deterrents aim to peacefully keep birds at bay by using a number of sounds and smells that birds will want to avoid.


Physical Barriers

  • Mesh Guards: Metal or plastic mesh is put around the edges of the solar panels to stop birds from getting underneath. The mesh is usually sturdy and can handle all types of weather, keeping birds out while still letting air flow through.
  • Bird Spikes: These are long, needle-like rods that go on the sides of solar panels to stop birds from landing. Bird spikes are a kind way to keep birds away without hurting them.
  • Netting: Netting can be used to cover bigger areas around the solar panels, stopping birds from getting in.



  • Reflective Objects: You can put up some reflective tapes or objects around your solar panels to keep birds from coming too close. The reflections and movements will help deter them.
  • Sound Emitters: You can use devices that emit high-frequency sounds that birds don’t like but that humans can’t hear to keep them away.
  • Decoys: Strategically placing predator decoys like fake owls or hawks can also help scare birds away from your space.


Benefits of Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Bird proofing is a great way to keep your solar panels protected while peacefully preserving local wildlife. Protecting your solar panels from birds has many benefits that help improve the efficiency and lifespan of your solar energy system.


Maintains Efficiency

When birds make nests under or near your solar panels, they can leave droppings and debris that block sunlight and lower the panels’ ability to generate electricity.

Taking precautions to keep birds away can mean that your solar panels get the sunlight they need to work at their best, keeping them running smoothly and producing the most energy possible.


Protects Wildlife

The main reason why bird proofing your solar panels can protect wildlife is that it offers a peaceful solution to birds as pests. Bird proofing also prevents birds from getting caught in wiring or stuck beneath your panels.

Birds seeking shelter under solar panels can create conflicts with maintenance activities. Bird proofing helps resolve these conflicts by offering birds safer nesting locations.


Prevents Damage

In addition, bird proofing helps to protect your solar panels from potential damage. Birds and their nests can cause harm to the wiring and other parts of the solar system, which may require costly repairs or replacements.

You can extend the lifespan of your solar system by using bird protection methods to prevent birds from reaching your panels. This can mean you save a lot of money long term on lack of maintenance costs.

Having to frequently clean and repair your solar panels due to bird-related issues can be both expensive and time-consuming. Investing in bird proofing can reduce the need for maintenance, ensuring that your solar energy system remains reliable and efficient with minimal effort.


Minimises Maintenence

It is essential to keep your solar panels clean and maintained to ensure optimal performance. Bird droppings can cause damage and reduce their ability to absorb light efficiently, so adding bird-proofing can minimise the need for frequent cleaning. This saves time and money on maintenance, ultimately improving the efficiency of your solar energy system.


DIY vs Professional

When people decide on using bird proofing, there are several different methods they may choose to install this to their home, all of which are either DIY or completed by a professional. But which of these should you opt for?

As a homeowner, you can try out some DIY bird-proofing methods like putting up mesh guards or bird spikes. While these solutions can save money, they might not be as tough or thorough as the ones installed by professionals.

Bringing in experts guarantees that bird-proofing is done to a high standard and in a timely manner. They have the skills and equipment to set up durable and efficient bird-proofing measures, giving you peace of mind.

For most people, having the help of a professional is best for bird proofing. While some may feel confident in doing so alone, having professionals by your side offers valuable expertise to make sure the process goes smoothly.


How Much Does Solar Panel Bird Proofing Cost?

Installing meshes or nets usually costs £50 to £100 per meter meaning that solar panel pigeon proofing a 2 square meter area costs approximately £300 to £600.

Overall, the upfront cost pays off with extended lifespan, improved efficiency, and reduced maintenance.

The cost of installation depends on factors such as:

  • Method (more robust systems are more expensive)
  • Whether birds have damaged the solar panels
  • Whether the solar panels can be easily accessed by professionals
  • Size of solar panels
  • Number of solar panels

At ESOLAR, we offer bird proofing measures for as low as £395 and can be added to your roof at any time. No matter how long you have owned your solar panels for, we can install bird proofing measures to ensure no further damage occurs.


Key Takeaways

  • Birds can damage your solar panels when nesting.
  • Bird proofing prevents birds from nesting on or around your solar panels.
  • There are two main types of bird proofing: physical barriers and deterrents.
  • Bird proofing can reduce the need for maintenance on your panels.
  • Bird proofing measures can be installed yourself, but professional help is always recommended.
  • Consult our experts today to bird proof your solar panels