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Solar Panels Wales

Even in the Welsh climate, solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy days. So if you want to change the way you use energy and boost your carbon footprint whilst lowering your energy bills, here at ESOLAR we can help.

Quality is 100% guaranteed here at ESOLAR as we have spent years working with trusted suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we are delivering the highest quality solar panels to our customers.

We take pride in winning awards 4 years in a row for being National and North-West Solar Installer of the Year. This is because we are dedicated to reducing our customers’ energy bills whilst also improving the environment one solar panel at a time.

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How Can I Maintain My Solar Panels?

Depending on your area dirt, dust, leaves, and bird droppings can build up on the surface of solar panels, reducing their efficiency. You should clean your solar panels regularly.

Clean the panels regularly with water and a soft brush or sponge. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as these can scratch or damage the panels.

Consider scheduling a professional inspection of your solar panels at least once a year. A qualified solar technician can identify any potential issues and perform any necessary maintenance or repairs to keep your system running smoothly.


Solar Panels Wales FAQs

Do I need to tell my energy company I have solar panels in Wales?

Yes, you should let your energy supplier know that you have solar panels so that they can bill you correctly for the electricity you use and give you credit for any extra energy you send back to the grid.

Are solar panels worth it in Wales?

Yes, solar panels are a good investment in Wales despite the weather and shorter daylight. Solar panels will cut your energy bill massively, whilst you play your part in taking care of the environment.

Do solar panels work in winter?

Yes, solar panels can still generate electricity during the winter months.

  • Instant Quote

    Fill in our user friendly online form and we’ll provide you with an instant quote that will tell you what you can expect to pay for your Solar system based on the information you’ve provided (all quotes are subject to survey).

  • Survey

    Not all installers perform a site survey, but it’s recommended by MCS and we feel it’s crucial for an accurate and profitable Solar Panel system. Please click here for more information on what your survey entails.

  • Design

    Our experienced and talented design team will assess all of the information collated at survey and create a bespoke Solar PV System designed to maximise your energy savings and ROI (return on investment). Once you’ve received your proposal, our friendly team will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

  • Installation

    Once you’re happy with your design, it’s time to get your system fitted and start saving money! A typical system takes 1-2 days to fit, and we aim to have you up and running within 14 days of your initial survey. You will be provided with all certificates and warranties within 10 days of install, with full instructions and guidance on registering for SEG (Smart Export Guarantee).

  • Solar, So good...

    Your system is up and running, but your journey with us doesn’t end there. Our aftercare team will check in with you soon after install to ensure everything is running smoothly. We love to hear how our customers are doing, and its not unusual for our happy customers to call us for a chat when they start to notice their energy savings.

When you choose ESOLAR you are choosing a company that offers an end-to-end personal service and we’re proud to be part of your energy-saving journey.

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