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What is Solar Power and How Does it Work?

Lisa Foran | May 10 | News

Solar energy has become one of the most popular renewable energy sources in recent years, attracting the attention of individuals, businesses, and governments alike.

Solar power is a significant step forward for the environment since it promises to generate clean, renewable energy from the sun’s abundant rays. However, many people still question what solar power is and how it works.

In this blog, we will discuss the fundamentals of solar power and how it works to create electricity for your home.


What Is Solar Power?

Solar power is simply the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy using photovoltaic (PV) cells, often known as solar cells. These cells are built from materials like silicon, which are excellent at absorbing sunlight.

Solar power is an excellent means of generating electricity in our society as it alleviates the enormous demand that is frequently placed on the national grid in the UK.

Because of the widespread availability of sunlight, it is one of the most efficient ways to generate power without using fossil fuels.

Solar power may be used as the only source of electricity for some small to medium-sized businesses and families, especially when combined with battery storage systems.


How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels, also known as solar modules, are made up of numerous linked solar cells organised in a grid-like arrangement. When sunlight contacts these photovoltaic cells on the surface of solar panels, they create direct current (DC) electricity.

The power is then gathered by the metal conductors on the solar panel and sent to its edges, where it is available to users. In contrast, the majority of electrical appliances and equipment use alternating current (AC).

In order to use the power generated by solar panels with household or business electrical systems, an inverter is required to convert the DC electricity supplied by the panels to AC electricity.

In grid-connected solar power systems, the AC energy generated by solar panels is used to power on-site electrical demands such as lights, appliances, and electronics. Net metering allows any excess power not immediately consumed by the building to be returned to the electrical grid.

Net metering allows solar power system owners to get compensated for the excess electricity they generate and transmit back into the grid. When solar production is minimal, such as at night or in low light, this credit can be used to offset grid power costs.

This implies that solar power system owners can “bank” their excess electricity for later use since net metering supports solar energy investment.


The Benefits of Solar Power

After explaining how solar energy works, let’s look at the numerous benefits it brings to individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.


Uses as a Clean Energy Source

Solar energy is a clean energy source that produces power while emitting no greenhouse gases or air pollutants into the environment. Solar power mitigates climate change and reduces reliance on fossil fuels by harnessing the sun’s abundant energy.

Solar energy decreases carbon emissions from traditional energy generation as well as environmental contaminants. Solar power protects ecosystems and biodiversity by removing the need for fossil fuels and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. It also contributes to the cleansing of the air, water, and soil.


Energy Independence

Solar power increases the energy independence and resilience of a house or company by generating electricity locally. Homeowners may reduce their dependency on the power grid and protect themselves from energy price changes by installing solar panels on their roofs or other structures.


Long-Term Cost Saving

Investing in solar power can lead to long-term financial savings. Despite the initial expense of acquiring and installing solar panels, solar energy systems provide a consistent and moderately priced supply of electricity during their lifespan.

A recent study by Zillow has found that homes with solar panels sell for 4.1% more than homes without, showing the great monetary value of solar panels when it comes to selling your home.


Job Creations

The manufacturing, installation, usage, and maintenance of solar panels and associated infrastructure stimulate economic growth and employment creation in the solar energy sector.

Rising solar energy demand promotes entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment in clean energy technologies, hence strengthening regional economies and creating long-term green jobs.

A projection from Science Direct’s study on job creation during the green energy revolution states that the use of solar power is creating job opportunities across the world. More specifically, the number of jobs in the power sector is projected to increase from 21 million in 2015 to 35 million in 2050.


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Key Takeaways

  • Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity
  • Solar panels are made of lots of small PV cells that, when hit by sunlight, convert this into DC electricity. This is later converted into AC electricity for everyday use.
  • Solar power is a clean energy source that is great for reducing energy consumption costs, creating job opportunities in the industry and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
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